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DON'T PATRONIZE MEH :shakefist: !!!
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Sohk OCT page 2 by pwned-by-twilight
Sohk OCT page 2
So, last minute second page! Hurray! Zzzzz...

But yes, you will see a change in font due to... issues. I'll probably choose a better one next time.

Mr. Sokolski and King Ruby (wow, I'm silly, fact check much): :iconsohk-oct:

Meerah "Red" Haans: Still me

Page one: Here!

P.S. If you know what Petushka is supposed to mean, you are one awesome Russian.
Meerah 'Red' Haans SoHK OCT by pwned-by-twilight
Meerah 'Red' Haans SoHK OCT
Name: Meerah Haans

Weapon: Heat conducting gloves

Fighting Style: Improvisation

Stats:   Offense: 13/20
            Defense: 7/20
            Speed: 7/20
            Stamina: 11/20
            Intelligence: 12/20

Personality: One to talk back to an authority figure without a second thought, but most likely one to get along with one outside of the humdrum of the student/teacher relationship. She's someone who likes to talk and actually gets good grades in classes literature/writing based or ones that require a lot of speaking. She ends up being blunt and straight forward with people though, not really sugar coating things and it getting her in plenty of trouble despite her enthusiasm to actually do good in school and having a good enough vocabulary to avoid any and all confrontation. A good and bright kid, just very hotheaded and one to debate things. With all this on top of her hair colour, most people call her by "Red", which is pretty ironic because her first name is pretty much the word red anyways. She does however, despite her good nature, admires the current champion, being in the same grade as her, yet does disagree with some of her methods and wouldn't mind showing her a thing or two if they ever got the chance to brawl it out.

Bio: Not really having an interesting story about why she's at SoHK, her parents enrolled her as a way to get her a good education to match her wild and energetic spirit (and she often punched out cold previous teachers who got their facts wrong about her favorite literary authors). She ended up making friends fast with her fiery nature and even got herself some sweet science-y gloves to match it from a guy who had a crush on her in the science club (it lasted about a week). She did however show more and more troubled when it came to her weaker topics in school, quickly making enemies with a select few teachers for her outbursts and earning plenty of time with Mr. Sokolski. To be honest, she's gotten used to her detention visits, and often uses it as a way to blow off steam... in the boiler room often enough.

Fighting Style indepth: Red is one to take in her surroundings and adapt to a situation, being pretty well rounded a fighter, but not one to take good pounding like other more beastly or bulky opponents she's gotten to face at school so far. She prefers to fight in open spaces with those that like to get up close and personal in their fighting and be in closed spaces for those that prefer fighting at a distance, but she works with what she has and usually makes it work out. Being able to outlast her opponents and even sometimes talking them down isn't out of her arsenal either, knowing she's agile enough to dodge for days and still has her fine way with words when it really comes down to it. She wanted to be more flexible and have plenty of options to match the veracity of a possible fight with the champion.

Weapon indepth analysis: As per her short lived boyfriend experience, Red earned herself a pretty nice gift that's gotten her far in her school life; what she has dubbed the "Kaiser Flames". It sounded poetic, so she stuck with. They are a heat conducting piece of work, laced with graphene on top of heat resistant textures to keep the heat out but lets the outer layers get hot over 200 degrees Fahrenheit from constant activity. However, if pushed to the extreme the gloves can get to around 1800-2000 degrees, but only at their center near the core of each glove at the palm. This is often used for another purpose, the electric charge being used to create that heat being forced against the air and super heating it to create charged plasma for long ranged attacks or a close ranged one with plasma in hand. This however takes a long time to muster and comes with plenty of downsides like burning out the gloves after a couple or so uses as well as possibly backfiring and burning the user themselves by attempting this attack. It's often a last ditch thing that she wanted to be able to do because of some cartoon she watched as a kid but learned pretty fast how dangerous it really is.

Meerah "Red" Haans: Me, ya goof.

For :iconsohk-oct:
Sohk OCT page 1 by pwned-by-twilight
Sohk OCT page 1
For this nifty little thing here:

Page one is go! Everything else... I'll get back to you with that...

Hannah Kingston: :iconsohk-oct:

Meerah "Red" Haans: This person

Page two: Here!


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 12:00 AM
Okay, if anyone's awake and watching the news (like everyone should...), you'd see that Japan just got hit by a 9.0 or so earthquake. NINE POINT FREAKIN ZERO! That's possibly one of the strongest recorded earthquakes in history, and with what I've seen it'll go down as the most devastating and destructive... Mostly though, it was the tsunami that did the greatest damage. And then I thought "Wait, I KNOW people in Japan!" Not a lot, but with what the numbers that it will come to, at least one of the people I know here online or somewhere else, maybe even a person who makes some great work I admire could have been caught in this! And to anyone and everyone on the Pacific coast, we're on tsunami watch too. So to anyone who was hurt by this, or if by some magical chance it hits this house, I leave one message.

"No matter the breaks, the pains, the hurts and sprains
to either mind, body or soul... Let it wash away as everything else
and smile. Pray our burning passion dry our tears far and wide.
Such water from your eyes will hurt us more. We have enough..."

  • Reading: The Flight of the Horse
  • Watching: Fox News


United States

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