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Viidehn and Viiolla Reference by pwned-by-twilight
Viidehn and Viiolla Reference
Late thing for :iconwalkingcityoct:

Name: Viidehn Klush
Species: Ve'ent
Gender: Female
Age: 134
Height: 6'5"

Bio: Born into distant royalty, Viidehn was promised all the best life had to offer. In her youth, Viidehn found her passion in architecture and crafts, making it her career and her hobby all in one instead of living the normal like of a duchess. Soon enough she found herself contributing greatly to her people with her craft and found herself in an outstanding position elsewhere in the city of Chromatica when there to perfect her skills. The now ex-Sentinel of Sculpture for the city of Chromatica, over 6 years after the devastating events that took place there, has decided to move on, taking along her daughter to explore her craft even more. In her stead, her eldest son has taken up the mantle of the Sentinel of Scuplture.

Appearance: Despite her plant-like features, it is mostly a cover for the well hidden insectoid anatomy that all Ve'ent carry, including bug eyes and hard plating on her abdomen and legs. She however is very self conscious about this part of herself and chooses to hide what she can of that side. To do so, she's coated herself in her own plant material, making for an easy way to change looks on the fly at the slightest whim, which she often does at least partially.

Personality: She is a through and through mother figure. Kind, considerate, easy to talk to, and never one to show anger or displeasure in most situations. Having now had 8 kids, she's become very experienced in dealing with young ones and knowing how to mediate and calm down a situation. She's not often up to speaking of herself, often favoring conversation focusing on the other party(s). Also to note is that she can be quite the flirt if you've caught her interest, explaining how she's had as many kids as she did.

Battle Capabilities: Despite not being trained as a solder in her culture, Viidehn still has her crafting skills to be able to grow what she needs to get out of a sticky situation or even go on the offensive. However, if there is no vegetation anywhere, the use of this can be detrimental to her health when in use as a means of combat. She can grow anything from a bed of flowers to a hardened vine for piercing and much more with enough creativity. Once more, she is able to steal the water out of vegetation around her, or even from what she's grown herself to petrify it and possibly make it an even more deadly weapon.

Special traits and skills:
- Grows on clothes
- Can survive solely on water and sugar
- Resistant to heat due to insect traits
- Uses hands to grow plants for various uses
- Able to fly by exposing her insect self to craft wings (but won't...)

- Extreme cold
- Exposing her eyes to the sun
- Exposing any part of her insect self
- Needs water and nature to fight efficiently

Name: Viiolla Klush
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Height: 4'4"

Bio: Born soon after the incident over 6 years ago in Chromatica, she's grown up to be a bit of a rascal and more outdoorsy than her mother. Often fantasizing about the mystical and people with superpowers like she reads in her comics and rarely takes the time to learn how to utilize her plant capabilities as of yet. Being the youngest, she is still looked after by her mother and was taken along to move to new venues away from Chromatica, her mother hoping it will broaden her horizon just like the Ex-Sentinel did on her own.

Appearance: In total contrast to her mother, Viiolla completely embraces her insect traits, yet is still unable to fly due to her lack of commitment to learning. Her armored plating only covers her torso at this young age, but still proves to be quite the defense against would be attackers. And like in her comics, she's come to love wearing a cape as much as possible. Her mother doesn't mind any of this, but it is her influence that got Viiolla to wear dresses instead of tight spandex. That would have probably been too much even for such a flexible mother.

Personality: Not quite a tomboy, but as close as you can get. She loves playing outside, getting pumped about the latest issue of her favorite books and comics and pulling pranks on people if they look bored or if it just looks too perfect an opportunity. Her species however, despite living for centuries, have a faster mental growth rate than normal being twice as fast as a human's in their youth. So despite being 6, she's close to being on par with a 13 year old mentally. Still very young to comprehend the deeper things in life, but she tries and is all around a good kid.

Battle Capabilities: None. Yeah, ya need to brush up on those plant skills kiddo. Pretty much as strong as any 6 year old with a metal protective chest.


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 12:00 AM
Okay, if anyone's awake and watching the news (like everyone should...), you'd see that Japan just got hit by a 9.0 or so earthquake. NINE POINT FREAKIN ZERO! That's possibly one of the strongest recorded earthquakes in history, and with what I've seen it'll go down as the most devastating and destructive... Mostly though, it was the tsunami that did the greatest damage. And then I thought "Wait, I KNOW people in Japan!" Not a lot, but with what the numbers that it will come to, at least one of the people I know here online or somewhere else, maybe even a person who makes some great work I admire could have been caught in this! And to anyone and everyone on the Pacific coast, we're on tsunami watch too. So to anyone who was hurt by this, or if by some magical chance it hits this house, I leave one message.

"No matter the breaks, the pains, the hurts and sprains
to either mind, body or soul... Let it wash away as everything else
and smile. Pray our burning passion dry our tears far and wide.
Such water from your eyes will hurt us more. We have enough..."

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